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Aug 13, 2009 6:00pm EDT
victims, tieing them up, and leaving them for dead. >> quite candidly, a few more hours, another day, mrs. wolfe might not be here with us because she was in very, very tough shape when she was found. she was luckier and was able to escape more quickly. but he didn't care. he didn't care how he left them. he left as judge mason said, he left these women for dead. he was wanting in total disregard for these people which make the sentence all that much more appropriate. >> garcia never testified at his trial. his attorney says he's a thief, not a murder. the jury found the dna evidence very convincing and convicted the electrician in just an hour and a half of deliberations. brian. >>> paul wagner, live in our newsroom. a metro bus driver caught on camera talking on her cell phone. tonight, union officials say she should be back on the job. a local blogger snapped this cell phone photo. well, the transit union says the driver was calling the control center for metro because her two-way radio didn't work and they say she never moved the bus while she was on the phone. metro enforced a zero
Aug 25, 2009 2:00am EDT
, or will there be other people visiting him throughout the week? and what's the president's relationship with mr. wolf? >> he's friends with mr. wolf. and right now that's the only member of congress he's scheduled to play golf with. you know, he's on vacation, so everything is a little bit loose. you know, you wake up, you have some breakfast, you workout, and then you decide, what do i feel like doing today? he's doing that just like anybody else. >> is he here specifically to play golf today? >> i'm pretty sure he was already here. >> bill, governor david paterson in new york has given a couple interviews recently in which he said the criticism he's received as governor is racially based because we haven't reached a post-racial society. he suggests that governor deval patrick's problems are similarly based, and he said that president obama would be the next victim of this kind of bias in the media. does the white house agree with that assessment that the criticism of african american politicians is often racially based? >> the president's view is that -- and i'll be honest, we haven't been followin
Aug 22, 2009 9:15am EDT
of the classroom. mr. wolf presents his thoughts on the different ways that people like benjamin franklin, w.e.b. dubois, henry ford and elvis presley learned and the elusive definition of a good education. r.j. julia booksellers in madison, connecticut, hosted this event. it's 45 minutes. >> thank you. first of all, it's great coming to this bookstore. i was saying that it's great to have this independent bookstore. i actually don't believe they're a dying breed. i know the statistics say that but i think in the hard times to come, this is going to be the kind of place people are going to support and want to be part of and when someone says, do you agree to that other chain store, they'll say, no, i don't do that anymore 'cause i want to do my hometown bookstore. i think that may be the way it's going and turning arouow
Aug 2, 2009 6:00am EDT
, twitter, facebook, you know how to find us on our blog as well. >> mr. wolf >> talking about problems at airports. we had a little bit of an incidence at laguardia. today there could be more problems. all due to the rough weather. anybody that happens to be in the northeast corridor, philadelphia, all the airports in new york as far south as d.c. may have issues with thunderstorms. right now we have a shot of lady liberty. looks good for the time being. looks fine from this vantage point. later on showers, storms may pop up so be prepared for that. i'll tell you what may last into the early morning on monday as well. not a bad thing. can use some rainfall in parts of new york, more rainfall here in the southeast and that may indeed happen. heaviest rainfall between philadelphia and new york. we have some cells, large thunderstorms developing in allentown not far from the delaware river. if you happen to be in philadelphia right now and heard thunderstorms rumble on through and think it might be starting, look further back to the west another cell come being around. you're not done jus
Aug 7, 2009 7:00am EDT
? >> i'm looking at that. you look great, mr. wolf. >>> we'll be right back. "good morning america" continues. ♪ there's only one word for this ♪ ♪ it's bliss ♪ only one word describes chocolate this creamy, this rich, this indulgent. bliss. hershey's bliss chocolate. it's not just chocolate. it's bliss. >>> remember, a short time ago here at "good morning america," it was like walking on sunshine. we showed you how to walk in high heels and to be comfortable doing it. now, wait, there's more. there's new technology that's supposed to make walking in even four-inch heels a little more comfortable. it's a 925 technology, from kenneth cole. and becky worley is here. >> 9:00 to 5:00. heels. they make us feel sexy. they make us feel powerful. >> do you feel sexy? >> and they make us feel pain. >> yes, they do. >> reporter: but comfort in four-inch heels? these were shoes i had to try. high heels. we love them. >> i love buying shoes. >> shoes are my aspirin. >> buying shoes definitely makes me feel better. >> reporter: one problem, they hurt. would you walk a mile in four-inch
Aug 24, 2009 12:00pm EDT
relationship with mr. wolf? >> he is friends with mr. wolf. and right now, he is only scheduled with that one member of congress. right now, you have some breakfast, worked out, and what do i feel like doing today? he is doing that just like anybody else. >> was he specifically to play golf with him? but i am pretty sure he was already here. >> -- >> i am pretty sure he was already here. >> [unintelligible] he said the president obama would be the next victim of this kind of bias in the media. does the white house agree with that assessment, that criticism of african american politicians is often racially based? what's the president's view is that -- and i will be honest, we have not been following that race with the granular t where we might know the ins and outs of david paterson, but we are obviously in close touch with governors from time to time. in terms of the media with the president, he thinks there are a lot of people who agree with him and disagree with him in the media and a lot of folks that just report it straight. whether or not is raise or not, i do not think it is the case. t
Aug 11, 2009 9:00pm EDT
was irritated. >> she seemed a little peeved there. but yes, anybody, if i said, through the mouth of mrs. blitzer, would you tell me what wolf blitzer thinks, i probably wouldn't get a very good reaction. >> it wouldn't be that scary. it wouldn't be as scary as that. that's scary. >> i don't think that was -- she was dealing with -- they have terrible problems with female mutilation in that country. she was probably, you know, a little bit -- and so she gets this question. and people say, i wish these politicians wouldn't be all so scripted and stilted and everything, and had she not reacted like that, people would say gee, you're the secretary of state and ask you what your husband -- i think what she said was understandable. and i think it shows a kind of human side of her. and i'm fine with that, i'm crazy about it. i love her, so i wouldn't criticize her. >> let ben and penn weigh in, as well. standby, guys, we're going to take another quick break. some lunch. you hungry? yeah. me too. (door crashes in) (broadview alarm) (gasp and scream) go! go! go! go! go! go! (phone rings) hello?
Aug 25, 2009 3:00pm EDT
's interesting choice of golf partners and the impression that may leave. mr. obama enjoyed a round on martha's vineyard with robert wolf, the president of ubs americas. ubs once helped taxpayers avoid their obligations to the irs, to the tune of billions of dollars. people were looking for offshore accounts and ubs helped them do so. wolf isn't accused of anything, the person, himself. now, ubs is cooperating with the federal government. still, spokesman, bill burton tells us this, quote, moments ago, roberts is a member of the president's economic advisory team, as well as a friend. the president has led the way on financial reform and regulation. i can assure you that his feelings on the matter will remain the same regardless of who he spends some of his well-earned vacation with. wolf also raised $250,000 for the president's election campaign. >>> have you heard this one? a grandmother armed with a hoe, defending her granddaughter's honor, next in what is becoming a favorite around here, last fotos del dia. ies who need assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit th
Aug 11, 2009 4:00pm EDT
's facilities in michigan. mr. henderson, thank you for coming in. >> hi, wolf. >> are you worried that selling cars on ebay will further hurt a lot of those dealerships, not only in california, but if it goes national, across the country. so many of the dealers are in trouble if you can eliminate them, they're going to be in further trouble. >> first, wolf, when we did the partnership with ebay, we committed to ourselves and to our dealers we would do it with dealers. 225 dealers are participating in california, that did it voluntarily, because they thought it was an interesting thing for us to experiment with. it takes the showroom into the living room. and, it allows the consumers a series of choices in a more comfortable environment. we had very good support. we wouldn't do it without the dealers with us. >> won't they be making a lot less per car sale via ebay rather than selling direct? >> i think that remains to be seen. like any experiment, this is a test program because we don't really know what to expect. we just thought it was -- it was an outstanding way to test this, to do it with
Aug 6, 2009 4:00pm EDT
much for being with us, mr. haros. here now, wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >>> rick, thank you. happening now, breaking news. an historic vote by the united states senate confirming judge sonia sotomayor as the first hispanic justice of the united states supreme court. we have reaction from president obama that's just in. also, former president bill clinton peppered with questions about his successful mission to bring back two american journalists from north korea. what he's saying and what he isn't saying. >>> plus, cnn marks 200 days in office for president obama with a new national report card and a new poll on the president's approval rating. is the public still backing the president? i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics, and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> following breaking news this hour. federal appeals court judge sonia sotomayor just confirmed by the senate to be the country's 111th supreme court justice. only the third woman and most significantly the first hispanic to sit on the nation'
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Aug 25, 2009 8:00pm EDT
, let's not go crazy here. bill: mr. bush mostly vacationed at his primary residence in crawford, texas, and i don't know how much his mortgage payments are. wise up. jill wolf, colorado. bill: well, the taxpayers only pick up security and travel costs, jill. mr. obama pays the leisure part. bill: the reason we go after people sometimes is because of at buvese power. if a media person is being dishonest in a presentation it's my job to point that out. our analysis is not about me. i'm simply a lightning rod and various media show that when they take us on. bill: well, today is your lucky day, amigo. bill: well, that is very generous, flora, so i'm sending you an american patriot shirt for boeing so nice to our military guys. bill: well, it's a start, donna. how about our web site -- "talking points memo" each evening if you come up late. punch it up and there it is. and please email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. and please when writing to the factor do not be tenuous. the word of the day. do not be te
Aug 26, 2009 9:00am EDT
minutes later at 2:25 the president made a call to mrs. kennedy. we are told by senior administration officials no additional calls were made. we're waiting for the president to make his first public on camera remarks so far today, wolf. >> there is no doubt, dan, that this does mar the president's vacation. he has been trying to vacation, as you know, he did interrupt his vacation to renominate the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. now he has to do this. but this is so much more painful, clearly, given the personal relationship that was established not only when he was a senator but when he became a presidential candidate for the president of the united states. >> definitely. you know, it's amazing because when you look back a few days ago when the president was on his way here to martha's vineyard he pointed out he would not be making any news and little did he know it would be this kind of news he'd be reacting to but, certainly, the president losing a friend and confidante and someone, wolf, as we've been talking about all morning who has played a key role behind the scenes i
Aug 23, 2009 6:00am EDT
picture now of what's going on now up and down the east coast from reynolds wolf. the president's plans will being changed by this. it's affecting the first family and affecting a lot of families. >> reporter: he's not coming in until 1:45 or so. mr. president, if you happen to push off the vacation a little bit, betty and t. j. can stay in your place, the deposit and all that. seriously. great set up they will be at martha's vineyard. by time they get there the storm will be moving away. big issue is rip currents. a lot of issues on the coast. 70 water rescues. 50 alone just in wilmington due to rip currents. the storm itself, here it is. marching to the northeast. making its way into cooler waters. winds at 85 miles per hour. gusting to 105. the forecast shows the storm moving up near nova scotia and new brunswick and making its way up to newfoundland by 2:00 a.m. on monday. then it moves off into deeper in the atlantic and away from everyone. great news for through. we got a shot for you there, an i-report at coney island, new york. have a great time on the board walk. don't get in t
Aug 26, 2009 4:00pm EDT
minutes later he placed a call to mrs. kennedy. again, this is a very difficult day for mr. obama. but he said, you know, this was something that was expected, a day that was expected, but he definitely dreaded it, wolf. >> all right, dan. we'll get back to you. dan lothian on martha's vineyard. >>> another heartfelt tribute today to the ted kennedy from his longtime colleague and good friend in the senate the vice president, joe biden. >> done you find it remarkable that one of the most partisan, liberal men in the last century serving in the senate -- so many of his foes embrace him. because they know he made them bigger, he made them more graceful by the way in which he conducted himself. >> vice president biden closed by paraphrasing shakespeare saying of kennedy, "i don't think we shall ever see his like again." jack cafferty has "the cafferty file." >>> wolf, the death of ted kennedy mashing the end of an rather in this country. the senator from massachusetts, the last of the four kennedy brothers to die, all of them serving their nation. joe jr. died as a world war ii pilot. john w
Aug 26, 2009 11:00am EDT
for more on senator kennedy's life and legacy and let's get you back to our wolf blitzer. wolf? >> tony, thanks very much. ted sorenson adviser and speech writer for senator kennedy. ted sorenson is joining us now from new york. mr. sorensen thank you very much for coming in on this day to remember ted kennedy. what is your best memory of ted kennedy? >> i have so many memories of ted because he's been my friend for 56 years and i can still remember the first weekend we met at the family home in hyannis port and a little over a year ago that he asked me to come to a meeting that he was convening to help plan an institute or a foundation of the study of the history of the united states senate. i gave him a copy of my new book "counselor" with an inscription especially for him. only a few days later he wrote me thanks for the book and the inscription and a cover letter that predicted a democratic win in the obama election in november of '08, which he said, this is teddy talking to me with optimi optimism. he said that will make possible all the ideals for which you have fought. well, that
Aug 6, 2009 9:00am EDT
, the bagle bite scene around the world. we caught him on camera trying to wolf down his breakfast bagle. jonathan entertained by the entire process. his mother less so. she joins him now sending a message -- i want to read this quote from mrs. margaret capehart. you tell dylan you are not some toy to be played with on that show. we welcome miss margaret capehart to the program. mrs. capehart, can i say one thing in my defense before you give it to me here. >> yes, you may, dylan. >> i'm a victim, too. that's all i need to say. i'm sitting here. i was victimized by brett. remember that producer kid? >> by brett? >> he's like 22 over there cutting tape and rolling it left and right. there he is. hiding again. anyway, you know, your son is an extraordinary man. you probably already know that. >> i know that already, yes. >> what was he like as a kid? >> as a kid? he was a good kid. i never had a problem with jonathan. i always knew where he was. he knew his mother was, you know, take care of it if he wasn't where he was supposed to be. >> all right. when i worked with him back at bloomberg
Aug 21, 2009 4:00pm EDT
strongly support the health care changes mr. obama and congressional democrats are proposing with another 18% somewhat supportive. 1 in 10 are somewhat opposed, and a full 40% are strongly opposed to the president and the democrats on health care. and, wolf, here's one reason why. that same survey shows that just under 27% of americans think that their own health care coverage would get better if the current proposals become law. a third think their coverage would get worse. nearly half of those questioned say it would stay the same. wolf? >> do americans think the president is doing a good job handling this whole issue of health care? >> reporter: well, four new polls out this week indicate that americans are nearly split when it comes to the president's handling of health care. his approval on the issue is in the low to mid-40s and his disapproval slugtly higher, the mid-40s to about 50%. but wait, wolf. that does not mean america has put more trust in the republicans. only 21% of the people questioned in an nbc news poll approve of how congressional republicans are handling health care
Aug 21, 2009 2:00am EDT
. congratulations, mr. wolf, on your book. i really enjoy your appearances on msnbc. and i have one question, and one favor to ask. guest: go ahead. caller: the question is throughout the course of presidential politics, starting nixon, i realize dirty tricks is something done in politics since time in memorial. but i became aware of politics during the nixon election. but there was a mention of one perned called donald segretti. then the next suck saysor was lee atwatter who had a come upance at the end. and then there was karl rove. again, these people must be bread out in the bushes somewhere. and i'm wondering, who is the next turd blossom? who is the next one in line who is out there in some little institute waiting to be tacked by some new presidential? now, the favor i need to ask of you, and this is a very important one. during your process of interviewing nominees in the next presidential election, anyone who comes up with a whole process of saying they're religious and like a hucka by or a palin, would you please, ask them one question for me. do they believe in the rapture? i woul
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)